Child Dedication

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What is a child dedication?

The service is actually a parent commitment service. This is a promise of parents to offer their child (usually in infancy) to the Lord and to dedicate themselves to raise their child for the glory of God.

Parent Commitment

The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God and that parents are to raise up their children to love God, others, and His Word. Since families of Epic come from various religious and cultural backgrounds, we created this website to answer your questions about child dedication and to give parents a clear path to have their child dedicated.

At Epic, the Parent/Child Dedication is defined as the parental willingness to entrust their child to God. The scriptural root of this is found in 1 Samuel 1:27-28: “I asked the Lord to give me this child, and He has given me my request. Now I am giving (dedicating) him to the Lord, and he will belong to the Lord his whole life.”

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the age limit for dedication?

A child is too old to be dedicated if they are old enough to be baptized. If your child clearly understands the gospel and has trusted in Jesus for salvation, then dedication is unnecessary.

How is Child Dedication different than baptism?

Child dedication does not use water and it is not directly commanded or found in Scripture. You do not need to be a believer to be dedicated. All believers are to be baptized (Acts 2:418:12-13). Only faith in Jesus makes you a believer. We do not baptize children until they are old enough to understand and believe. You can learn more about baptism here.

What if a baby or young child dies?

A baby does not need to be baptized; he/she is totally under God’s spiritual care until he/she is able to make his/her own decision in later childhood. Your task is to commit yourself to raising your child in God’s love. Salvation is granted to children who die in infancy or before the age of accountability. This belief is not based on a specific scripture, but on the understanding of the nature of God as revealed in Jesus. Since an infant does not have the power of self-determination, he/she does not have personal guilt. He/she has not yet come to the age when he/she can, of his/her own will, accept or reject Jesus. There’s Jesus’ atonement covers all who die young before reaching the age of accountability.

Date: Mother's Day, May 9

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